December 8, 2004

Camera + Batteries + Epoxy

After not taking pictures for about four months (since August really), I got out and took some today. The rain was pouring horrendously, so it made for some cold and wet weather. I treked downtown to the park, and took some photos. It was deserted. This summer, the battery door on my camera broke, so that it would pop open at any time (and lately, if it wasn't taped shut or being held). Anyway, I sold the camera on eBay, with a good description of its problems. However, the buyer was not able to get it working, and maybe helped it along a little, so that when it was returned, it did not work at all. I took it apart, and have played with it, and let it sit for a few months, and it seems to be working now, apart for the battery door. That is, until yesterday.

So I epoxied the little door shut. Now, the little batteries are snug in the camera, like pharoah in his tomb. They should not be going anywhere soon, unless some tomb raiders come by, but i think that?s not likely. They are 1800 Miliamphere rechargables, and there is a cable to recharge the batteries from on the other side of the epoxied door. So it should be set to go for a while.

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