December 13, 2004

Indian Bathtub 2 Hot Springs

After my trek to Bruneau Sand Dunes, I was off to find the fabled Indian Bathtub 2 Hot Springs, which I knew to be in the area. After hiking about six miles up the side river, because my Ford Mustang Covertible 4x4 kit and lift kit didn't arrive in the mail yet. Otherwise, I would have sped down the four wheel drive roads to arrive at the springs post haste, but the four inch clearance on my car doesn't agree with that. After finally locating the springs, I then relized i was on the other side of the river, and had to ford the river. However, it was not deep, and it was totally worth the minute of freezing water. The upper pool even looks a little like Mickey Mouse.

It should be noted as well that these hot springs are not in fact the original Indian Bathtub hot springs. Years ago the original hot spring lost it's flow due to the local farmers using aquifers to irrigate their fields. This type of irrigation led to the Hot Springs Snail being put on the Federal Endangered Species list. Luckily for hot springers, this second spring located just downstream from the original was noticed and realized.The moon on the way back was an awesome Waxing Crescent, resulting in this excellent photo.

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