December 11, 2004

Sam and Max

So, the latest computer game I've been playing is Sam and Max: Hit the Road!

What you say?

Is not this the LucasArts Entertainment computer game from 1993?? Yes, indeed it is, with sarcastic little bunny and all. The difference is, that you can actually play the game again, thanks to some magic called ScummVm: Quick and Easy. This is a front end program to emulate an old computer, or rather, to allow the game engine to run in windows XP.

In Sam and Max, you play Sam (a Canine Shamus) and Max (a hyperkinetic rabbity thing), the freelance police. Travel all over the US on the trail of a sasquatch named Bruno kidnapped from his place at the Hall of Oddities, and on the way visit locations like The World's Largest Ball of Twine, The World of Fish, and The Mount Rushmore Dinosaur Tarpit.

The puzzles involve some of the most twisted humor in a Lucasarts adventure game, and the dialogue including a non-sequitur option goes way over the top. Sam & Max is not entirely an adventure game - every once in awhile there'll be an action sequence like Wak-A-Rat. It's alot like Kings Quest, Police Quest, or Peasant's Quest.

Overall, this is a great game! The best part about it is the audio. This was one of the first video games to have such an extensive audio selection, and the voice acting is outrageous! The humor value for this game is pretty decent, even for being over ten years old.

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