September 26, 2010

Tilling the vineyard

After laying out the borders of where we wanted to put the vineyard, we started to till out the vineyard.  First I drove a perimeter line with the rototiller.   Then we started doing some runs.  We quickly learned that we needed to adjust the depth of the rototiller in order to work out the weeds.

There is a big bush that needs to come out.  I worked on it for a while, and then Melissa took a turn.  With the right tools, it would come out much faster.  So next time we visit, we'll hopefully be returning with a chain saw and a bar.

It's still pretty warm, and there isn't much shade at the island.  We started early to help with the heat.  After a few hours of working, we closed up shop and headed home.

Having recently recovered from pneumonia, I wore a respirator mask.  This was in the hopes of not aggravating my recovering lungs.  Later this fall, we plan on tilling in the fertilizer/soil nutrients and and maybe putting up some trellis hardware.

Indiana Vader and the Rototiller of Doom

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