March 12, 2017

Apple ][ - Microzine 7: City Blocks

It's amazing what you can find on the internet with enough persistence and a little google-fu.  When I was much younger, we had an Apple ][, and I spent much time on it creating cityscapes with Microzine 7: City Blocks.

City Blocks allowed for a small graphical man to move around 'city blocks.' you could maneuver the man, up down, left right, and he could pick up and drop blocks. The city blocks were graphical tiles that had pictures of parts of a city, or partial parts of larger building. It was a very early ancestor of the type of game-play that Minecraft might typify today: the creative sandbox. You could save your creations, and I'd make many different cities, with different aspects of the tiles (there was only about 50 tiles total.

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