March 14, 2017

TRS-80 - Hammurabi

When I was in Junior High, there was a computer room where some students could play with computers. The computers they had for the students were donated TRS-80's. One of the games for those computers was Hammurabi.  Though it might of gone by another name, such as Camelot, or Verona. There were various versions, including a DOS port.

The scenario of Hammurabi is that you are managing a feudal kingdom, and you have limited resources. You want your kingdom to grow. On occasion, the rats eats part of your grain storage. If you don't have enough food for the people in your city, they will remove you from office (and you lose the game).  To win requires carefully balancing your resources to grow your acreage, feed your people, and sow crops to have grain for the coming year.  Hammurabi was an ancient ancestor of games like Populus or Civilization, where the player are in charge of managing economies and populace.

Hey look, it's Hammurabi!

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