March 13, 2017

Atari 2600 - Air Sea Battle

We had an Atari 2600 way back in the day.  We of course, had a dozen or so games.  One that my brothers and I played a fair bit of was Air Sea Battle.  Air Sea Battle had one or two players, which the preferred method was with two players. The players would then shoot at planes and ships.  After a certain time, the winner of the round would be declared by the amount of destruction he or she had reaped. This may be a formative area for my love of destroying things (hard disk drives, etc).

There were some screens where you shot at planes, and some screens where you shot at boats. I recall being able to change the speed of one of the planes. Definitely a game for two players, who can appreciate the Atari 2600's rudimentary graphics. Use your imagination!  They're planes, jets, battleships, submarines, mines, balloons, frigates, and canons/howitzers.

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